Amelia Fortmeyer

Amelia Fortmeyer - 5th grade teacher at st. paul lutheran school in st. joseph, missouri

Date started at St. Paul: On and off since 1990

Favorite thing about St. Paul: Children

Previous Positions/Jobs/Years: Teacher- Lutheran High South, Houston, TX 1980-1982, Kansas City Lutheran High School 1982-1883, Admission Counselor, CU NE 1884-1987, Asmission Counselor, CU Chicago 1987-1989

Current Congregation: St. Paul Lutheran

Hometown: Rolla, MO

College and Degrees: CU NE- BS in Education

Family: Husband- Bernie; Son and Daughter-In-Law- Paul and Beth; Son- Peter

Hobbies and Interest: No time- waiting for retirement

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