General Music Classes K-8

General music classes at St. Paul are required for all K-8 students. There are several aspects to these classes:

  • Singing (our worship and witness)
    • Advent (midweek services in December, Grades K, 3-8)
    • Lent (midweek services prior to Easter, Grades pre-K, K-8)
    • Lutheran Schools’ Week (end of February/first of March)
    • Epiphany Concert (around January 6, Grades 1-2)
    • Spring Musical (May, Grades 3-8)
    • Kindergarten Program (May)
  • Music Appreciation and Fundamentals (varies by grade) such as:
    • Study of instruments and instrument families
    • Music theory
    • American music
    • Composer studies
    • Listening to and interpreting classical music
    • Conducting
    • Form (such as writing variations on a theme)
    • Multi-cultural music

Recorder Classes (4th grade only)

Recorder classes at St. Paul are instrumental in teaching students to read music in preparation for handbells or band in 5-8 th grades. Recorder class meets each week at a separate time from the general music classes. Heavy emphasis is on learning to play this beginning woodwind instrument. In the spring students have the opportunity to try out band instruments and handbells before making a decision on which of those classes they would like to be in during 5th grade.

Handbells (grades 5-8)

In handbell class we continue to grow in our music-reading skills. Performing as an ensemble is an important aspect of this class. In the past we have had the privilege to perform at Advent and Lent midweek services, worship to kick off Lutheran Schools Week, school chapels, the mall during the Christmas season, at a nursing home during the Christmas season, the Griffon Jr. Singers Christmas concert at Missouri Western State University, the Rotary Club Christmas luncheon, Gathering of the Talents, and 8th grade graduation. Plans are currently being made for the school handbell choir and the St. Paul Lutheran Church handbell choir to join in a concert in the spring of 2017!

Band (grades 5-8)

Band at St. Paul is a great opportunity for a child to grow in the musical aspect of playing an instrument and being part of a team. The 5th grade band meets as a beginner class for a year. The 6th , 7th , and 8th grade band meets as one band class where more proficient music is learned and performed throughout the school year at events such as Advent and Lent midweek services, the mall during the Christmas season, and 8th grade graduation. Many solo and ensemble opportunities are possible as well. They include playing for weekly chapel services, Lutheran Schools Week worship service, and Gathering of the Talents. Both bands perform at the annual concert/dinner/fundraiser at the end of the school year.

Praise Band (grades 6-8)

Praise band is an after-school extracurricular program that meets once a week for 30 minutes in preparation to share their music in chapel and, occasionally, church services. The focus is on contemporary Christian music that involves instruments and vocals.

Gathering of the Talents

Each year St. Paul participates in the Gathering of the Talents at Concordia University in Seward, NE. This is a rewarding opportunity for students in grades 4-8 to perform an instrumental or vocal solo/ensemble and receive feedback from judges.

Much thought and effort is given to provide a variety of musical experiences for each student. It is also our priority to give God the glory for the gifts and talents He has given each of His children and to provide an opportunity for them to hone their skills and share their music with others. In addition to the classes, for many students this may mean preparing a solo for the Gathering of the Talents, trying out for a speaking part or a solo in the spring musical or Epiphany concert, reaching gold medal in Recorder Karate, performing with the handbell choir at a Christmas concert in the community, or playing or singing in the praise band, etc. As it says in Psalm 92:1-2 “It is good to make music to your name, O Most High, to proclaim Your love in the morning and Your faithfulness at night”. May God bless our efforts done in His name!!

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