Jamaica VBS Mission Group

The Jamaica VBS Mission group has traveled 4 times to Black River Jamaica, the latest in July 2015. We conducted two sessions of VBS Monday-Friday at two churches, starting with 92 kids on Monday. By Friday 169 Jamaican children participated and learned about Jesus! Music and crafts are always a big hit! Our next Jamaica VBS Mission trip will be during the summer of 2017.


The Evangelism Board

The Evangelism Board at St. Paul Lutheran Church conducts its business in accordance with the Mission Statement of the congregation: “Prepare in God’s Word; Declare God’s Praises; and Share Jesus with You.” The members of our board meet once a month to focus on how best to communicate with visitors to our church in order to encourage them to continue worshipping with us as well as to determine their degree of interest in becoming committed members of our congregation. As believers in Christ, we are commanded by Him to spread the Gospel. Therefore, as we examine the list of church visitors, our board members split into group of two each and volunteer to visit, call, or write specific church visitors on that list. We seek to learn more about our visitors and their reasons for attending our church. We encourage them to find a church where they can worship regularly as individuals or as a family. If they are interested in joining St. Paul Lutheran Church, we explain to them the options available to them, including 1) transferring membership from another LCMS church, 2) joining by profession of faith if they are already baptized and confirmed Lutherans, or 3) attending our Life with God Class so that they can choose to proceed toward baptism and confirmation as individuals or seek membership in another church. Our board keeps accurate and up-to-date records of those visits and contacts. We also seek to cooperate with the pastors and other church boards so that our efforts are clearly coordinated to bring the Gospel message to as many people as possible.


Missions ecuador picture 2GoEcuador was started in 2009 when a group of twelve traveled to For His Children Orphanages in Quito and Latacunga, Ecuador. Since 2009 three more groups have traveled to Ecuador. During the trips we have spent time at both orphanages helping with feeding time, cleaning, playing with the children, doing crafts, going on walks, doing any work projects that need to be completed and bringing donations to leave. GoEcuador has also been a part of a few other ministries. We have provided the food and fed the night workers at the Zambiza Transfer Station. FunSol is a ministry that helps support the elderly who struggle to take care of their basic day to day needs. While we are there we pass out food, do craft projects, sing, and have dance parties. We have also learned about the Dunamis Ministry and how they rescue girls/women who have been involved in different forms of trafficking. We donate clothing items and have purchased some of the items the girls/women have learned to make to help support themselves.

Missions ecuador picture 1While in Ecuador we have also been able to see some of God’s beautiful creation while traveling to the equator, downtown Quito and to a couple other little communities. It is a blessing to get to share God’s amazing love with all the children and adults we have met over the years. We are looking forward to our next trip in 2018.

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